ILS implementations

We will help you collect and prepare all data so that you can make the most of it the potential of the ILS lighting management application. Our application allows you to easily manage and monitor urban lighting, which contributes to increase security and save energy. You will consciously manage lighting in order to save on what is unnecessary, to invest in what is important. 

Lighting upgrades

Every project between plan and execution may need more thorough verification. We provide advice on lighting for ongoing projects. We check the correctness of calculations and optimize the selection of solutions. We can also supervise our projects at the execution stage.

Lighting master plan

Masterplan is a lighting project for the entire city or its part. The effect of its implementation is a coherent, attractive night image of the city. The masterplan can be created in a classic (printable digital) or digital form (based on our proprietary tool that combines geodata with digital materials created by us in an accessible form). The master plan is designed to verify the current state of the city’s lighting, develop a coherent lighting concept for the entire area, set lighting rules, identify revitalization priorities, indicate development directions.

Lighting design

Street, park, campus, path – every illuminated space after dark can make us feel comfortable, safe and happy to return there. It may also happen that while staying in it we will feel anxiety and disorientation when we do not recognize the faces of people passing us and nearby buildings and landmarks. The project aims to genius loci analysis, development of a concept emphasizing the uniqueness and attractiveness of the place, presentation, list of products and estimation of the costs of its implementation.