For ZDM Warsaw, commissioned by LUG S.A. Studio DL is implementing a two-stage project for the complete modernization of street lighting. The project includes an inventory of the lighting infrastructure and road geometry necessary to perform photometric calculations. For this reason, the application includes data such as: streams, optics and luminaire powers, affiliation to the manager, modernization stage, coding of luminaire points and historical data of luminaires.


The project started with the masterplan of the Old Market Square, and [wpml_nbsp] in the next stage it expanded to cover the entire city.  In this project, lighting rules for the entire city and, more importantly, buildings and squares were created. In addition to data on road lighting such as light temperature, type and height of luminaire installation, and road classification, the application also contains lighting cards for selected buildings and squares. It is also worth mentioning district cards, which contain lighting guidelines specific to the most characteristic urban layouts of Poznań.

Den Haag

The first digital masterplan in history. It was prepared on the basis of data on lighting fixtures saved by the city of Den Haag in digital memory (on the GIS platform). It functions as an application opened in a web browser, where you can display all information and, if necessary, download data about a given street in the form of street cards prepared in PDF, which the application generates independently.


A project focusing on the modernization of street lighting. Currently, 5,172 street lighting fixtures have been inventoried in the city, of which as many as 60% are discharge lighting sources. Overexposures of up to 200-300% have been found in relation to applicable requirements. The energy analysis carried out showed a high potential for savings of up to 70%. Lighting guidelines for individual districts, areas and routes have been developed. All lighting and aesthetic data are included in the application.

Ostrów Wielkopolski

A preliminary plan was prepared for two districts of the city, where new street lighting and illumination guidelines were introduced. The application is equipped with standard street, facility and square cards. In addition, during the introduction of the new tool, a series of lectures and workshops were held on both the use of the ILS tool and building lighting awareness.


A project covering the entire city. In this project, lighting rules were created for the entire study area and many characteristic objects and squares. The application has been supplemented with current lighting data and target data. Data can be downloaded in the form of transparent and content-rich cards, depending on the purpose: cards of objects, squares, streets or districts.