The OUiD company carried out a lighting modernization investment. It included a number of activities involving various entities at individual stages of implementation. Close cooperation with the City of Ostrów Wielkopolski, lighting designers from STUDIO DL and ILS software suppliers resulted in an implementation that may successfully serve as an example for subsequent investments.

Training was held during the modernization. Their scope was individually prepared for the company’s employees.

Specialized Training

The training included knowledge in the field of lighting design, selection of lighting classes and creation of documentation. Participants gained practical skills in using modern lighting design tools and learned methods of photometric calculations and lighting measurements. The training also included intelligent lighting control systems and standardization of inventory, audit and design documentation, aimed at improving processes related to lighting operation.

The training was conducted in the form of lectures and practical workshops at the OUiD headquarters and as part of field training. Each participant received certificates from individual training courses. During the training, the latest and most technologically advanced solutions were presented, enabling participants to acquire the knowledge necessary to effectively manage lighting infrastructure. The scope of training was individually prepared for the company’s employees. The focus was on providing complete and professional knowledge in the field of lighting design, building strategies, infrastructure operation and applicable regulations.

Training program

  • Requirements set by the PN-EN 13201 lighting standard
  • Operation and functionalities of the photometric calculation program, including a course on using the Dialux EVO software
  • Using the Norma program for cost estimating electrical works
  • Use of a CAD program for designing electrical installations
  • Tasks and work with the Intelligent Lighting Space management system- ILS
  • Principles of proper operation of the lighting network

knowledge is power

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