ILS is a system composed of several branches: inventory, lighting design, controlling/management and lighting infrastructure control. By deciding to replace your lighting with LED technology, you can gain more than just new fixtures. With ILS you enter a new level of urban lighting management and raise the profile of your city.

First the duties…

Fulfillment of standards

It is known that city lighting must meet standards… Thanks to the use of the ILS system, the lighting is adapted to specific road situations, and the calculations performed ensure compliance with the PN-EN 13201 standard. Illuminate where it is needed.

Improving Safety

Meeting the standard will ensure improved safety and optimal lighting of urban spaces. With such detailed data, you can plan lighting for more demanding spaces.

And above all, SAVINGS!

By modernizing to meet the requirements and maintaining the standards, you do not overexpose. Thanks to this, you save on the number of luminaires and/or power consumption. You spend less, you have more for more important purposes.

Knowledge is power

Thanks to data monitoring, you keep an eye on the entire city and make optimal decisions. Nothing will surprise you, and it certainly won’t overwhelm you. Thanks to ILS controlling tools, your lighting infrastructure will have no secrets from you.

problems Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. By monitoring the technical condition of the equipment, you can avoid costly lighting replacements.

Quick elimination of failures

And in the event of unforeseen failures, you can act quickly. By communicating from the system level, you inform the service about problems in the blink of an eye. You avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings, and residents avoid inconvenience caused by a failure.

The city becomes more beautiful before your eyes

Organizing lighting introduces spatial order. And you can invest the saved money in new city projects 😉 Your smarter city is already gaining!


By improving safety and beautifying public spaces, residents are satisfied and proud of their city.


Greater satisfaction and urban investments mean greater prestige of the city and, consequently, an increase in land value. You will attract new residents and investors to the city.

Influx of Tourists

When your city becomes more beautiful, it will attract new curious people. You will extend the time of using tourist attractions during the day and the tourist season. People will stay to see the city after dark.

Your city is a brand

It is not the pen with the logo that creates the city’s brand, but the uniqueness of your city. Thanks to the application, you will build a plan for the city’s night image. You will build an icon suited to our times. You will create a distinctive and eye-catching image to show the world the true face of your wisely managed city.

In line with public opinion

Using clear data visualizations, charts and reports, you inform about your achievements and the problems you face. Thanks to this, you can build trust with your recipients by maintaining transparency. Whether it’s progress in lighting modernization, subsequent stages of new investments or repairing failures, you have data and you will not hesitate to use it.

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